Tuesday, 28 July 2015

What's your pick in nightwear?

One outfit that spells comfort for every woman undoubtedly has to be the night suit. Everyone needs that one outfit in which they can relax and laze around casually. A typical night suit consists of a t-shirt and pyjama. It is a quintessential wardrobe requirement and is the most suited and safe nightwear. It can be worn in any season depending on the fabric. The online market is beaming with fresh ideas for those vibrant women who believe in looking their best even in bed. At Dove you can buy branded night suits and choose from an exquisite collection.

Ladies nightwear is as important as their day dresses. Their sleep wear is designed depending on seasons, weather or special occasions. They are super comfy and are available in exciting variants. You can refer to the guide below and choose a style of your preference accordingly.

• The comfortable pair - Just like pyjamas, night t-shirts can be paired with capris or shorts. The benefit of a comfy nightwear is that due its versatility it can be worn with anything. You can easily mix and match so that you are never bored of wearing the same nightwear. It is usually made up of extremely soft, lightweight and skin friendly hosiery fabric.

• The satin creations - The silky touch and shiny look of satin makes it a svelte yet luxurious nightwear. Women prefer to buy stylish yet chic satin nighties with gowns and fancy cover ups for their wedding collection or some special occasion.

• The cotton wear - Some prefer lightweight cotton nightwear. Printed pyjamas and sleepwear are a common sight. These days, boxers, shorts, capris, pyjamas,etc. are available in colourful yet quirky prints. They are becoming a rage amongst younger generation.

• Lounge wear - It is a spin on the traditional nightwear. The night wear has undergone a huge transition when it comes to casual yet feminine lounge wear. Lounge wear can be worn during the day as it spells comfort and makes running your household errands an easy task. You can wear long tops with fitted leggings or capris, tank tops or polo tees with funky pyjamas to look simple yet trendy.

The online shops are loaded with variety in summer and winter night suits for women of every size and shape. You can choose from a plethora of colourful options at www.doveonline.in and look your best even while you sleep.